Gerbig is a consulting firm specializing in growth and strategic business in the manufacturing, energy and healthcare industries.

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Enterprise planning
Enterprise planning begins with the identification of the appropriate system(s) for your business. Gerbig evaluates existing systems and processes for business requirements, improvement opportunity and overall efficiency.

System support
Gerbig can assist with your immediate and long-term network plans and needs.

Resource acquisition
Our network is expansive; to put it simply, "We know people." Let us help identify a fit for your business, both culturally and competitively.

Financial modeling
You might not be in a position to take on a business partner at the moment, but maybe you have considered it in the past. Or, maybe, you're not sure how to approach a potential buyer to get the most value for your business. We can structure models that will bring you the right opportunities.

Whether you are risk planning and need to know the value of your company, or you are seeking to exit a market, or simply looking to take on new business in the form of a joint venture, we can help.

Market analysis and support
Generating competitive awareness, packaging your product, pricing, SEO and social media development; these can be time consuming and daunting tasks. Our analysts have been there and know how to navigate the channels you might not have the time to develop. Give us a call, we can help.