Gerbig is a consulting firm specializing in growth and strategic business in the manufacturing, energy and healthcare industries.

Technology Consider a systems assessment.
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ERP Implementation
Gerbig defines the system requirements in a few short weeks, for selection and contract negotiation with vendors. Over the course of implementation, Gerbig acts as the primary project manager and vendor liason.

Risk Management and Compliance
Gerbig conducts risk analysis for control design and implementation using the significant accounts of the client balance sheet and related financials. Controls are designed to mitigate and prevent fraudulent activity at corporate and operational levels, as they pertain to the client financials.

Gerbig prepares EBITDA models for client assessment and preparation for joint-venture and or divesture of client assets. Models are based on current and future operations, to achieve the highest value during acquisition.

Technology Consulting
Gerbig identifies inefficient technology systems and processes, and redesigns client infrastructures and creates standardized procedures to better support operations and management.

Gerbig develops plans for new market entry, existing market optimization and product delivery, using available channels and technologies, such as database marketing and target client analysis and delivery.

Gerbig identifies top-tier candidates for departmental development in areas of finance and technology. We have placed public and private company CFOs, CIOs and related management.